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Matter is made up of atoms having dimensions approximately determined to be in the neighbourhood of the one fifty-millionth of an inch in diameter.

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Atoms dimensions approximately determined with one fifty-millionth an inch in diameter.

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Continuity as distinguished from may be considering what would be visible by magnification.

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Definite amount of matter in visible universe, a number of molecules and atoms in huge number

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Phenomena of light and waves of all lengths are found in velocity of 186,000 miles in a second.

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There is so considerable a body of knowledge bearing upon the similarities and dissimilarities of these two entities that it will be well to compare them. After such comparison one will be better able to judge of the propriety of assuming them to be subject to identical laws

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One part of the ether is precisely like any other part everywhere and always, and there are no such distinctions in it as correspond with the elemental forms of matter.

There is an ultimate particle of each one of the elements which is practically absolute and known as an atom. The atom retains its identity through all combinations and processes. It may be here or there, move fast or slow, but its atomic form persists

One might infer already that if the ether were structureless, physical laws operative upon such material substances as atoms could not be applicable to it, and so indeed all the evidence we have shows that gravitation is not one of its properties.

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Suppose then that such rings were produced in a medium without friction as the ether is believed to be, they would be permanent structures with a variety of properties.

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Morador Antissocial

Morador que cause transtornos reiterados no condomínio pode ser expulso Tais desavenças podem fazer o morador perder o direito de posse do apartamento. “O morador

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